MUSIC FOR EYES is an upcoming new commission work, exhibiting at Incinerator Gallery, opening April 6th 2018.
In response to an 'Acoustic Mobility Device' which produces aural feedback, designed by artist Carmen Papalia, Music For Eyes is a composition with its beginning seeds informed by touch, space and non-visual experience.
Read about the exhibition 'With Seeing Hands' here.

"Canes shouldn’t be viewed either as a purely medical object or a sign of tragedy, but one more piece of a puzzle in a different lived experience, a reflection of Mr. Papalia’s rich, complicated, joyful life...The microphone on the tip of the cane picks up the sounds and scraping Mr. Papalia makes, depending on whether he is walking on carpet, wood or stone floors, or outside in the terrain. The device that the cane connects to allows him to distort the sound...experimenting with ways to integrate the sounds of his experiences into music."
                ~ Dockser Marcus, Wall Street Journal

ARTIFACTS my LP recording with Angus Tarnawsky (US), available through In Context Music. Limited edition lathe cuts still available and digital download.
Read about Artifacts here.

"Nimble piano strokes and comps lift, dip, and flutter like angels, sending echoes bouncing off the walls. It’s a lonely feeling. It’s the opposite of, say, having a group of pianists play at the same time. Here, you take the playing of one, set it against itself, and watch as it spider-cracks outward like ice on the lake. Cold, crisp, and clinical; that’s how I like my context. Liow and Tarnawsky bend the corners of time effortlessly, turning a good idea into a great recording.
                ~ Grant Purdum, Tiny Mixed Tapes

9 FEB 7.00PM

w/ Tom Barton
Melbourne Recital Centre

23 FEB 7.00PM
Primordial Disco

Jazz Lab

2 MAR 7.00PM
Tom Barton sings Chet

w/ Tom Barton, Tom Jovanovic
Paris Cat Jazz Club
Goldie Pl, Melbourne

With Seeing Hands

Exhibition Opening
Incinerator Gallery
Moonee Ponds

12 APR 8PM
Blue Note '58

w/ Savannah Blount, Tom Jovanovic, Adam Spiegl, Adrian Violli, Noel Brown, Nick Brown
Paris Cat Jazz Club
Goldie Pl, Melbourne

19 MAY 7PM
Liz Violi at Paris Cat

w/ Liz Violi
Paris Cat Jazz Club
Goldie Pl, Melbourne

15 JUN 7PM
In Our Own Words: Joni Mitchell

w/ Erica Bramham
Paris Cat Jazz Club
Goldie Pl, Melbourne

13 JUL 7PM
Tom Barton Sings Chet

w/ Tom Barton, Tom Jovanovic
Paris Cat Jazz Club
Goldie Pl, Melbourne